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Branding, UX/UI design

David Barker Consulting offers consulting services to help companies gain ISO certifications and improve their existing management standards and business processes.

David wanted to refresh his brand and website to corner the growing environmental standards market along with repositioning his brand as a boutique consultancy.

Project goals

  1. 1

    Rethink and reposition David’s brand to help bring in new clients.

  2. 2

    Increase website conversion rates from organic and paid leads.

  3. 3

    Showcase the expertise of David’s 27 years of management consulting experience.


After reviewing David’s existing website and brand, we sat down and discussed his vision and goals for his business.

We agreed it would be an ideal time to rename the business from ‘Relevant Business Solutions’ to David Barker Consulting as he was looking to reposition himself as a boutique consultant.

Branding and stationery for David Barker Consulting


David wanted his new brand to reflect his passion for environmental standards, along with moving the brand away from a traditional, corporate feel to something more accessible and personable.










TT Norms Pro

Colours & Typography

By moving away from the dark blue hues, shades of green and orange gave the brand a more organic, eco-friendly feel.


I created some custom illustrations he could use that would match his brand message using his colour palette and movement in the forms to give a friendly but professional impression to potential clients.

Trees illustration
Book illustration

Research methods

  1. Behavioural data in Google Analytics

  2. Pattern research for existing mental models

  3. Market research analysis


  1. 1

    Resource articles were generating the most traffic to the website

    David’s website had a lot of useful, in depth resources for companies looking to gain more of an understanding of ISO certifications. The data for his website showed that most of the traffic reaching his site was organic, and through these resource pages. This meant it was important to ensure that these pages were migrated properly.

  2. 2

    Case studies could help convert new leads

    David’s previous consulting projects were not being promoted as well as they could be on his existing website. This presented an opportunity to further demonstrate his industry expertise and results to potential clients. Market research also corroborated this theory.

  3. 3

    Unclear site direction

    The website had competing information with no clear intended course of action for the website visitor.

David's unique selling points Consulting services Knowledgebase articles and quote call to action


  1. 1

    Leverage the IA to increase engagement

    The site architecture has been reorganised to place emphasis on the content that David’s existing customers were searching for, plus the content that will help attract new clients.

  2. 2

    Include case studies with client testimonials

    As David’s business is well established with many happy clients who have given him great references, leveraging case studies will help build trust when future clients contemplate using his services.

  3. 3

    Implement clear call to actions

    Competing call to actions were de-emphasised or removed completely, allowing the main call to action to shine through clearly.

Mockup of the desktop homepage

After reorganising the site information architecture, placing emphasis on key content that David’s existing customers were searching for plus promoting new case studies we hope to see more traffic to his key converting pages plus more leads. Please check back to see the results of the new website design and learnings post go-live!

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