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Maximum Occupancy is an accommodation industry conference held in Sydney and Auckland. Every year leaders give insights into current and future trends to help accommodation providers boost direct bookings and maximise revenue.

I was tasked with redesigning and refreshing the brand to make it more modern, memorable and help boost ticket sales. I worked as the sole designer on this project, with another developer.

Attendee taking photo at Maximum Occupancy


The Maximum Occupancy brand was lacking in personality, and if it was to beat its competitors, it needed a refresh. The logo and brand colours had to stay the same, so the supporting visuals and the way the brand was portrayed needed to pack a punch.

Project goals

  1. 1

    Create a new brand direction for the upcoming conference using the existing logo.

  2. 2

    Design a new website and marketing assets to match.









Mobile mockup of Maximum Occupancy sponsorship page
Desktop mockup of the Maximum Occupancy agenda page


The developer and I worked together to bring the graphical elements to life, animating the SVG’s and adding transitions to the background elements.

Attendees reading program
Desktop mockup of the Maximum Occupancy venue page

The result was a playful look that took inspiration from the name with contrasting circular shapes and diagonal lines giving the brand a distinct visual presence that gave clear direction for marketing and print collateral.

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