Maximum Occupancy

Launch Website

Year: 2018

Role: User Interface Designer

The Story

Maximum Occupancy is an accommodation industry conference held in Sydney and Auckland. Every year leaders give insights into current and future trends to help accommodation providers boost direct bookings and maximise revenue.

Women Talking Reviewing Event Program
Round Motif 2

The Maximum Occupancy brand was lacking in character, and if it was to beat its competitors, it needed a drastic change. As the logo and brand colours had to stay the same, the supporting visuals and the way the brand was portrayed needed to pack a punch.

Round Motif 1
Round Motif 3
Man Taking Photo of Stage on iPhone

The result was a playful look that took inspiration from the name with contrasting circular shapes and diagonal lines giving the brand a distinct visual presence that could be translated across different marketing platforms.

Maximum Occupancy Website Homepage Design
Maximum Occupancy Website Mockup on Mobile Device iPhone X





Aktiv Grotesk Font for Maximum Occupancy Website Design
Maximum Occupancy Attendees Page Website Design
Maximum Occupancy Audience Question Time