The Collectionist

Launch Website

Year: 2018

Role: User Interface Designer

Credits: Neil Hazelman, Sean Condon, Terence Chin, Amy Wood, Jeremy Morris

The Story:

Choose different with this eclectic boutique hotel in Sydney. The Collectionist offers an individualised travel experience where guests can choose from 39 uniquely rooms styled by 7 interior designers to stay in on arrival.

The Collectionist Room Sample Render
The Collectionist Hotel Dollhouse Wireframe
The Collectionist Mockup on Mobile Device iPhone X

The style was themed around the concept of ‘Choose Different’, from Neil Hazelman’s branding direction, using design and development to provoke a feeling of wonder. All considerations for UX best practice, SEO and CRO have also been implemented throughout the site.

The homepage presents the four main room types like a dollhouse which can then open up to present more information about the room. As for any website that challenges the norms of functionality, it was incredibly important to keep the site as simple and easy to understand as possible for the end user to keep conversion rates high.

The Collectionist Website Homepage Design




Font Choices for The Collectionist Website Design
The Collectionist Website Room Page Design